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Member wants to change the email address they use for Passport.

The easiest way for a member to update the email address they log in with is by logging into their user profile and clicking the Account Security option.

Under Account Security, they can change the email address by clicking the pencil icon by their current email address. The new email must not already be in use by an existing account.

After saving their email address, they can log in with that email address from then on.

If the member has already made a new account with the new email address, they will be unable to change it on their old account profile by following the steps above.

Instead, the member should use our Passport Reset Tool to swap their benefit access from the old account to the new one.

Alternatively, you can open their MVault entry and click the Passport Reset button at the bottom of their entry to unlink their benefit from the old account. Then, provide them with the four-word activation token and they can reactivate at by signing in with their new account.

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