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What does "Status" mean?

Think of it as an emergency cut-off switch. (But not a cut-on switch.)

When Status=Off:

  • This will prevent the member from having access to the station offer (such as Passport) – in all cases.
  • The setting provides a quick way for stations to shut off access, without having to alter the Expire Date field.

When Status=On:

  • This will only allow the member to have access to the station offer (such as Passport) if the following criteria is also met:
    1. The member has completed the activation process. (You can determine this by looking at the "Activation Date" field. If it's empty, they have not completed activation.)
    2. The membership is within the Start and Expire Dates – or within Grace Period, which is 90 days following the Expire Date.
    3. If criteria #1 AND #2 are not met, the member will not have access to the station offer, even if Status=On.

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