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What does "Provisional" mean?

MVault was designed to be a permissive system, which enables new members to get immediate access to your station's offer. The Provisional setting allows stations to keep track of new members for whom they have not yet confirmed that the donation requirement has been met.

Example: A user donates to their station over the phone, and mails a check. The station can create a membership record for the new user, and allow them to activate immediately, trusting that the check will arrive and clear. By setting this member to be Provisional, this enables the station to keep track of them until they have been fully verified. Once the station determines that the the check has cleared and the donation requirement was met, they can update the field so the member is no longer Provisional.


  • The setting does not affect a member's ability to access the station offer (such as Passport).
  • It is not exposed to members, meaning they will not know if they are Provisional or not. Only stations see this setting.
  • It is a purely administrative field, intended to help stations keep track of unverified, new members.
  • When creating individual memberships within the console (by clicking "Create Membership" button), Provisional is assigned by default.
  • When viewing an individual membership record within the console, the values for Provisional are: Yes/No
  • When using the CSV Import method, or the MVault API, the values for Provisional are: true/false
  • It is recommended that all new members are set to Provisional, until the station determines the donation requirement has been met – at which time they can update the setting.

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