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What are the features of Public Media SSO?




Users can create a new account using the registration form. 


Registration and login via password. 

Single Sign-On

Users who log on to one application can be recognized across other applications.  

Password Reset and Security

User can reset their password in a self-service workflow. Password encryption, password validation rules, and secure password reset are supported. 


Users can view and edit their user profile.

Social Identity

Registration and login via Apple, Facebook, and Google.  

Merge Accounts

Merge accounts such as Traditional, Apple or Facebook with an existing profile.  


Customize the look and feel of the login, registration, and profile screens and email templates.  

Account Verification

Require verification for new traditional accounts.  

Subject Access Rights

Users can request their data or account deletion.  

Privacy and Terms Acceptance

Users must accept legal terms upon registration, on initial login to organization, or any time legal terms are updated.  

Web Browser Support

Latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari. 

Customer Care Portal

Portal for customer care agents to service user profiles. 

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