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What are the key benefits of Public Media SSO for the system and for stations?

Enhanced User Experience and Streamlined Access: Public Media SSO is a convenient way for users to access various public media products and services by logging in once. It eliminates the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords, encouraging more frequent and engaged use of our services and access to benefits, such as PBS Passport. 

Opportunities for Enhancing Station Lead Generation Efforts and Conversion: By integrating Public Media SSO and user registration on your website and apps, a station can start identifying its users. This is a foundational element for more personalized and targeted audience engagement efforts with both new and existing users. Offering a logged in state for a station’s digital platforms, when paired with a station’s member management systems Public Media SSO will help stations start to build user profiles, develop one to one relationships with your digital users, and enable better understanding of their preferences and behaviors. 

Reduced Costs Through Shared System-Wide Digital Infrastructure: This system-wide technology reduces' participating stations’ costs associated with maintaining separate login systems.

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