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What does the user workflow look like for Public Media SSO?

Users who sign up for a PBS account through the PBS website can navigate between the PBS, NPR, or station sites without having to sign in again. Likewise, users who have an account on can switch to PBS or station websites without signing in again. 

This section illustrates the process that enables this workflow. 

From, a user clicks Sign In (Figure 1). This example begins by signing in to but this same flow applies to users who begin signing in on 

Figure 1 

The user is redirected to the Akamai login page. Akamai checks to see if the user has an existing SSO cookie. Users who have an existing account should click Sign in with PBS Account and log in with their existing credentials (Figure 2.1). 

For users who are signing in for the first time, no SSO cookie is present and the user should click Create a PBS Account (Figure 2.2). 

Figure 2 

Once the user has logged in, Akamai sets an SSO cookie and redirects the user to, where the user's login is displayed (Figure 3.1). 

The user opens a new tab or window and goes to (Figure 3.2). 

Figure 3 

The user clicks Sign In (Figure 4). 

Figure 4 

NPR redirects the user to the Akamai login page. Akamai finds the SSO cookie and asks if the user wants to sign in using the existing account by accepting the NPR Privacy Policy/Terms of Use. The user clicks Accept and Continue (Figure 5). 

Figure 5 

Once the user accepts the terms, a success message displays and the user is redirected to 

Figure 6

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