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What is the Public Media Single Sign-On (SSO) service?

Public Media Single Sign-On (SSO) is an identity management solution designed to streamline the user login experience across various public media platforms, including station websites and apps. This service offers a unified login system that replaces disparate, often “homegrown” tools to identify and register users on digital platforms (e.g., NPR, PBS Roku app, ). Users can easily navigate different public media services with just one set of login credentials, eliminating the need for multiple accounts. 

This solution includes user registration on station websites and apps, which is a foundational element for personalization and critical for your marketing and audience development efforts to reach and engage both new and existing users and transform casual users into local members and donors. Public Media SSO will enable stations to start to build a strong one-to-one connection with their local audiences.

The image below illustrates an overview of the process an unknown (i.e., never has signed in to a public media site) user goes through using SSO.

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