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What is Bentomatic?

Bentomatic is a standalone Bento page that can be packaged and picked up by responsive station sites. What that means is you can create a Bentomatic page that is easily shared with other sites or you can add other Bentomatic pages to your site. 

Bentomatic pages are created just like regular Bento pages and can use all of the same components.

Some quick facts:

  • When Bentomatic pages are modified, changes surface wherever the Bentomatic module surfaces.
  • Content can be added to the page holding the Bentomatic module without affecting the Bentomatic content.
  • Any Bento component can be used with Bentomatic.
  • Bentomatic pages can be shared with any responsive Bento site.
  • Bentomatic pages can be distributed to an unlimited number of destinations an unlimited number of times.
  • Custom content can be added to Bentomatic pages that allow it.

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