A Content Channel is defined as a group of objects bound by an organizing editorial concept. It can be the name of your show (Check Please!) or a category to which your show belongs (Documentaries). On PBS.org and elsewhere, Merlin can use these channels to help leverage initiatives and sub-brands by displaying branding, links and enabling channel-based filtering via the Merlin API.

All content added to Merlin needs to belong to a content channel. In most cases, a content channel is likely the name of a show, but it may be another sub-brand belonging to your station that you want content to surface under. For example, a web-only blog, or an aggregated news brand, like Decision 2012. When individual pieces of content appear on PBS.org, the title, content channel, and station name will be visible.

Content Channels can only be set up by PBS. File a support ticket to request a content channel be set up.